• Bachendri Pal: the Journey Beyond the Peak

By Knowledge Tribe

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Bachendri Pal is famous as the first Indian woman to reach the peak of Mount Everest. She is also known for being the recipient of the prestigious Padma Shri for the same achievement. In this interview with the Knowledge Tribe, she shares a few lesser known facts about her life before and after her famed ascend. She also shares with us, the wisdom from the various experiences of her life.

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A few excerpts from the interview-

How did the dream of scaling Mount Everest take birth in your mind?

I come from the small village of Nakuri in Uttarkashi, a district in Uttarakhand. Mountaineering is something that I liked doing since my childhood. I trained for it in my own way by carrying heavy stones in a rucksack and climbing up the mountain near my house. I also jogged every day. One day, there was an event in my village and the person who gave a speech, spoke of mountaineering as a profession. I tried and was successful in taking up employment as mountaineering instructor at the National Adventure Foundation. After that, I just kept training for a fair duration, and was finally able to achieve my dream in the year 1984.

Was it difficult for you as a woman during your time, to achieve what you have achieved?

It was difficult. The society has always had its own expectations from a girl. It is up to us to put in our effort and be courageous to face challenges. Society creates many mountains in our path, but those mountains can be scaled. The mountains that we create for ourselves are more difficult to conquer. We need to overcome our prejudices and shortcomings to realise our potential and achieve what we are capable of. The Everest that I scaled is still small. The Everests that we create for ourselves and for others, are far larger to scale.

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