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Nexus Consulting is an innovative and unique start-up with the charming aim of making knowledge fun and interesting for all age groups. Knowledge Tribe caught up with them while the co-founder Mr. Venkatesh and his teammate Mr. Hrishi, emerged as the winners of Tata Crucible Corporate 2017, Bengaluru Round.

1) How did Nexus Consulting happen? What was the motivation behind starting a knowledge services company?

Nexus was set-up as a result of the passion the co-founders had for making knowledge fun and interesting. We have been quizzing competitively since our childhood days, and about four years ago, as we hit mid-career in our corporate jobs, we decided to transition to the entrepreneurial world, and translate our passion into a meaningful business.

2) What’s the journey been like? How easy (or not) have you found running a company which offers something so qualitative and intangible, especially when every other entity is a competitor in some form or another?

Every business venture comes with its set of challenges. The journey has had its share of bumps, but the high points have more than compensated for the same. While the offering is intangible, the key has been to make the clients (and the participants) see value in the engagement, and impart learning at every possible opportunity, while keeping the fun element intact.

3) Given the inflow of content and information from so many sources that are available to the masses, how do you ensure you stay relevant?

While access to information has indeed become ubiquitous, the key is in curation. Understanding what content tilts to deliver, in the context of the audience, the brand, and the key messages are critical to our success. This holds true for quizzes, and custom content engagements that Nexus delivers.

4) How have you seen quizzing as an event grow in the last ten decades?

Quizzing as an event platform is definitely something that is picking up steam. Organisations see the value of delivering knowledge in a fun and engaging format. At the same time, it is encouraging to see school children take up the sport, with vigour, enthusiasm, and a healthy competitive spirit.

5) What do you see as the future of quizzing in the coming years?

With multiple quiz companies mushrooming across India, and a whole set of freelance quizmasters, quizzing in India is here to stay. There will be some transformation in the nature of quiz formats (online vs offline), and other aspects; so long as the content is kept relevant and fun, school, college and corporate audiences will continue to support and participate in quizzes. Like in all businesses, it is the consumer who is king, and that is what will determine whether companies like us succeed in the market.

Nexus Consulting team at Tata Crucible Corporate 2017, Bengaluru

6) We met you as winners of Crucible Bengaluru round. Since when has the personal inclination towards quizzing existed?

Like I mentioned earlier, we have been quizzing since our school/college days. I personally never made the quiz team in my school days (PSBB KK Nagar, Chennai), and took it up with vigour during my B.Com (Vivekananda College, Chennai) and IIM Bangalore days, and continued it through my corporate life. My colleagues and I continue to take part in Open quizzes, where the joy is not so much in winning prize money, but in cracking questions, while competing against the best in the country.

7) In your opinion, why do you think there is an affinity towards quizzing among the Indian crowds?

Curiosity is a natural trait in all of us, and a quiz helps satisfy that pursuit. There is also an element of ego involved here – everyone likes to demonstrate that they know a bit more than the next person – when channelled positively, this makes for a stimulating atmosphere for quizzing to flourish.

8) Any likes or hobbies apart from quizzing?

Sport – avidly watching all sport, with a bias towards cricket. I (Mr. Venkatesh Srinivasan) am also a voracious reader of detective and crime fiction.

9) How do you think growth of knowledge events can be achieved, futuristically?

As mentioned earlier, all events must be curated carefully, information presented accurately, the audience has to be as involved as the participants, and the organisers’ objectives on messaging and engagement have to be met, for knowledge events to succeed.

10) Any tips for a start-up and for a knowledge seeker.

For a start-up – Ensure that you have a real business plan, which is achievable. Do not take your eyes off revenue and customer satisfaction, and write-off the first five years of your existence as a start-up, in terms of personal gratification.

For a quizzer – Read, read, read – anything that catches your fancy. Whether you want to start quizzing, or improve your quizzing ability, diligently attend Open quizzes. It will be daunting in the beginning, but great fun as you go along.

Please define knowledge in 2 lines for us.

Knowledge is the pot of gold at the end of the horizon – never completely conquered, but an ongoing journey to acquire it that makes it worth the while.


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