• Kartik and Gayatri: Tales of the quizzing duo!

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We hear of couples getting together to participate in a lot of activities together. I am sure you have been part of these yourself, at least once in your life. More often than not, these are either romantic or homely in nature. An adventure sport or that exciting bike ride across some length of the country, perhaps. But, have you ever thought of breaking the stereotype and taking your lovely better-half to a fantastic and exciting date, which tingles the senses and gives an adrenaline rush not often experienced?

No? Well, these are some of the things this couple experiences while they participate in one of THEIR favourite forms of engagement – a quiz!

Meet Mr. Kartik Vyas and Ms. Gayatri Phadnis-Vyas. They have been the regional winners of Tata Crucible from the city of Nagpur in the past. Not only are they two fantastic quizzers, but they give the entire quizzing community some serious couple goals. From being the winners of the Nagpur rounds multiple times, to working out strategies and establishing an educational venture together, they have skilfully cracked the game in the last few years. This couple has experience, knowledge and oodles of compatibility as a team in quizzing. We caught up with them and here are a few things they shared with us.

Being a quizzer for almost a decade now, Kartik reflects on how the journey has been full of its own ups and downs. He recounts how changing his partner and getting Gayatri to become his teammate changed his luck. “I was working hard, but I did not have a significant win. That’s when I changed my partner and teamed up with Gayatri. Since then, lady luck has been on my side,” he beams. According to Kartik, both luck and preparation are the keys to success. Gayatri adds that beyond preparation, confidence is crucial. She says that confidence helps her in strategising better. “When we won the Nagpur round for the first time, we were confident. But when we came to the zonals, we felt really out-of-place. During our second time in the zonals, we had that confidence of having experienced it before, so it was easier for us,” she says. She adds that more than knowledge, strategy is what often comes in handy.

Kartik greatly depends on the quizzes that are broadcast online, especially the Facebook broadcast of quizzes, to prepare for his game. “On weekends, Gayatri and I sit together and watch all these quizzes. This helps us learn and analyse as to how we would have performed if we had participated in that quiz,” he adds.

So, what has been their experience in being a quizzing team as a couple?

“Well, it is so much easier,” laughs Kartik. “I don’t have to call her up or message her every other minute. No formality of wondering whether it is the right time to ask her anything,” he says. Gayatri agrees, saying “We are together 24x7 and it really helps because we can talk about quizzing all the time.” They joke about how they discuss questions and trivia at odd times and it is okay, because both have the same understanding and love for quizzing. Talking about their compatibility during the game, Gayatri says, “We know each other very well, so we understand each other’s stance while quizzing as well. We strategise and learn in that manner.” Kartik quickly quips, “And, the best part is that you know who the boss is!”

Further, they add that they have varied interests in quizzing topics, which works to their advantage. “I had no chance of knowing cosmetic and luxury brands, and thankfully she is interested in them, so that way even as a quizzing team we strike a good balance together,” he says. But, they say that they do have a disadvantage, which is in the area of liquor brands. “Neither of us drinks or knows anything about liquor brands, so we fall short there. But, we are learning and getting to know more about the area,” says Kartik. Gayatri adds to this, “Not by drinking though. Pure learning.”

They also share with us on how they play small quizzes at home, but more as a collaboration than a competition. “After all, we have to quiz together, so we try making it a collaborative effort,” says Gayatri.

Image Courtesy – tatacrucible.com

When presented with the idea of a ‘Knowledge Tribe’ that would cater to knowledge seekers, knowledge gatherers and communicators, the duo was enthusiastic. In Gayatri ‘s opinion, there is a need for such forums. “Tier-2 cities, which do not have many platforms for knowledge sharing, need spaces like these,” she says. Kartik agrees as well, saying, “As a city, we just get once chance, which is Tata Crucible. One thing goes wrong, and we have to wait another year for it to happen. For Tier-1 cities, it is easy for an opportunity to arise. So, an online space where we can quiz and share knowledge is definitely a welcome prospect.” He also adds that if a knowledge tribe is formed, all cities will be at one equal level when it comes to knowledge acquisition. In fact, he says that such platforms will be best for school children and a younger crowd, which is closer to technology, and can thus gain knowledge through the platform.

Interestingly, the couple reveals that they have been conducting a number quizzes at the school level. “Our aim is to inculcate an interest in quizzing amongst students at a young age. If this interest is there at a young age, it is easy to mould them. It is difficult to create that interest at the age of 20, so the younger they are, the easier it is for us to ignite that passion,” says Gayatri. Kartik elaborates, “We have a club which we have just started. We believe that at least 12 quizzes should be held per year. It took me four years to figure out quizzing, so if there are more events it will be better, so that we can learn from our mistakes.”

As a parting thought, Kartik has a message for the quizzing community. “Never give up. We have all kinds of days, good and bad. Nevertheless, something we have to keep in mind is to never give up. It is the mantra I live by.”

This powerful couple has knowledge, enthusiasm, and the eagerness to give back to the community. They truly are ‘Knowledge Tribals’ in every sense of the term, and good ones at that.


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