• Jaipur Quizzing: A Chat with Shakti Singh Kavia

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Shakti Singh Kavia is an ardent quizzer. He has been the torch-holder of Jaipur’s quizzing community. He has taken part in multiple quizzing events and is a core team member of the Jaipur Quiz Club, also known as Jaquizzi. He is an MBA graduate and has worked with several big corporations. Through his hectic life, he has found time to pursue his hobby as a quizzer and continues to do so fervently. Here he is revealing his thoughts quizzing and his journey as a quizzer.

On how his quizzing journey has been so far..

It has been a great experience, starting at school quizzing, to here at corporate quizzing. This journey started in 1996 when I was in 6th grade where I did general quizzes, sports quizzes, and so on. Even in college I did a bunch of quizzes around. It was later that I was introduced to Tata Crucible when I was doing my MBA in 2011. Since then, I have been regularly participating in Crucible and various other quizzes. Our quiz club has been running in the city for the past seven years, which has added a lot to our knowledge, which we intend to disseminate to other members as well. So, all in all, it has been a great experience.

On quizzing culture in Jaipur..

We have seen a lot of change since the time when we used to be in school. We never used to have such quizzes happening around us. But over time, quizzes have started entering Jaipur, like the Tata Crucible or the recent events conducted by Reserve bank of India and LIC. And I want to include that not only Jaipur, but other cities too have seen a positive growth in quizzing engagements. Colleges in smaller cities like Udaipur and Jodhpur have seen an increase in the number of quizzing events.

On future of quizzing and views on other knowledge events..

Of course, it is very important. Whether it is a quiz or any other individual event, it adds to the personality of the person. It prepares you for discussions in a general setting. The need of today’s times is to increase knowledge levels of an individual, which can be well-catered through these events, which would then facilitate a better society, thought and country.

On the idea an ‘Olympic of Knowledge Events’

It sounds really exciting. We should have big scale events like that. National level events we already have, but it would be so much more exciting if we had a lot of countries coming together to do an international event.

Jaipur Quiz Club can be reached at – http://jaipurquizclub.com/


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