• The WIPRO Earthian Sustainability Quiz

By Knowledge Tribe

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Image:Teams wracking their brains at the WIPRO Earthian Sustainability Quiz

Sustainability remains a challenge in today’s day and age; it is a watchword that governs several industries and their practices. Companies are judged by their efforts towards sustainability and it becomes refreshing when a large organisation reiterates its commitment towards this cause by ensuring that awareness is built from the grassroots level, starting with young minds who will lead the workplaces of the future. Through the WIPRO Earthian Sustainability Quiz, held as a part of the WIPRO Earthian Awards, IT giant WIPRO did just that.

The stage was set for noted quizmaster ‘Pickbrain’ to engage with seven talented teams from across the country. Representing Trichy, New Delhi, Goa, Bengaluru, Manipal, Kozhikode and Bhubaneswar were a mix of engineers, scientists, students from the humanities and even two doctors! “Please keep in mind that none of them studies this as a part of their regular curriculum,” Pickbrain informed the gathered audience. “They are here and are well-prepared because they are passionate about sustainable technology and renewable energy.” The gathered audience of teachers and students responded with warm applause, acknowledging the efforts that the participants had put in to get this far.

The Sustainability Quiz records its successes, not by how well the participants perform in the final rounds, but by the large numbers taking part in the regional rounds, the tight fights in the regional finals and the growing level of difficulty that indirectly contributes to a growing awareness of the quiz. The participants are tasked with understanding fundamental terminologies in this field…

…to be continued in the March edition of the magazine. Stay tuned!


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