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“Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward; they may be beaten but they may start a winning game.”

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

It is said that everything begins with an idea. Every success story begins with a wild idea that seems improbable but can be achieved with the right amount of support and guidance. The story of the Quiz Premier League begins with one such wild idea. After graduating from standard 10, I chose to do science, like most people. After completing grade 12th, I was lucky to get into the prestigious National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur. It was in those halls that I began to be interested in the idea of getting more people interested in the sport that quizzing is. The idea that would eventually go on to become the Quiz Premier League was thus born. A small pilot, conducted among the members of the NIT Jamshedpur Quizzing Club, showed that the idea had promise. It picked up from there and became a phenomenon in other colleges in and around the area, but back then, we were unaware of the scale that it could have achieved.

Upon finishing college, I decided to follow my passions of becoming a quizmaster and joined Greycaps. Conversations over the lunch table usually revolved around how to engage the youth and how to make quizzing exciting to many people. Taking my inspiration from the Indian Premier League which had glamourised cricket and made it dinner table conversation again, I felt that this could be the way to generate interest in quizzing and make it more appealing to many students. The idea returned to the forefront, the lessons learnt from the pilot were used to strengthen the concept; under the able guidance of the company, the idea now began to take shape.

The organisational aspect of the QPL remained the same as what it was back in college, complete with ‘auctioning’ done by team owners, and players up for sale. The team owners would be allocated a budget (at schools, this would be in terms of points, of course), and a minimum number of players. Then, they would commence the bidding and the whole shindig. Once formed, the teams would decide their own genre and frame questions on the same; the other teams of course, would take part in each other’s quizzes. This way, everybody gets a fair chance.

A lot of deliberation, doubts, pros and cons, iterations and debates later, QPL was assigned as a project to be taken to schools across the country. As an organisation, we were fortunate enough to have it picked up within the first two weeks of it being soft-launched. Since the first interaction, it has seen good progress and schools seem enthused by the novelty of the concept, but more on that later.

With the QPL, we aim to inculcate a deep-rooted interest in all things knowledge and encourage youngsters to be curious; about life, and about generic, abstract and specific topics. We also aim to build a spirit of teamwork, leadership, management skills, quick wit and much more. The QPL goes beyond just quizzing; it aims to impart ‘Life Skills’ in addition to spreading knowledge and building the next generation of eager and avid quizzers.

Our hope and my passion has enabled us to set out on the path to make this dream a reality and watch the whole process unfold with pride. Keep watching this space for more as the first burst of QPL sessions come to an end, and the promised ‘more on that later’ comes your way!

About the Author:

Palak Kumar is India’s youngest professional quiz host. He is an alumnus of NIT, Jamshedpur. He is the national champion of the Tata Crucible Campus Quiz 2017. With around 100 quiz shows to his credit as a quizmaster, Palak has hosted various shows at schools, colleges such as IITs and NITs, and employee engagement events for corporates like BPCL, Cognizant, etc. and is the architect of the Quiz Premier League.

About the QPL:

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