• Laying the Foundation Strong

By Knowledge Tribe

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Image:Educationist and philanthropist Gavin McCormack with teachers

It is always assumed that a teacher’s job is easy. Their schedule isn’t very rigorous, there are hardly any project deadlines and they get an unlimited number of holidays. But the responsibilities on their shoulders are often taken lightly. Teachers shape the future of children, starting from Montessori, going all the way into college. At a recent workshop by renowned educationist and philanthropist Gavin McCormack at Iqra International School, Bengaluru, it was delightful to witness teachers, educators and parents taking part in amazing interactive sessions to lay the foundation for a better future. With over 20 years of international experience as a teacher trainer and educator, one could not have asked for a better person than McCormack to inspire the educators gathered there.

The three-day workshop was planned such that it targeted three specific audience groups. The first day was exclusively for the Iqra personnel, the second for the teacher community, and the third for parents. The key motto of the workshop was to prepare children for the competencies required in the world. The idea was that a graduate does not get hired for his first-class degree, but for his skills, knowledge and capabilities…continue reading in our magazine.


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