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By Knowledge Tribe

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Exhibitions are grand annual affairs for educational institutions, be it schools or colleges. At this time of the year, students and teachers amp up their efforts to put up an impressive display of models and presentations that they work on for months. With time, we all have an idea of what we can expect at such exhibitions. Volcano models in the chemistry lab, dance shows in the auditorium, geometry-inspired models in the mathematics lab, and so on. But this exhibition at Vidyaniketan Public School, Ullal, sounded way more promising than that. This was all the reason that the Knowledge Tribe team needed, to visit the school’s annual exhibition,

‘Ignite and Kalakruthi’.

Image: The structure at the entrance of Vidyaniketan Public School, made especially for the exhibition, ‘Ignite and Kalakruthi’.

It was November 30, 2018. We entered the premises of Vidyaniketan Public School, where we were welcomed by a huge structure that gave us a glimpse of just how amazing the event was going to be. We walked further in, to the sights of the intra-school exhibition, which was on in full swing. Marching along the exhibits, we soon discovered that these exhibits by students were by no means going to be clichéd.

The main theme along which the students worked were ‘Sound mind in a sound body’ and ‘Science for nation building’. There were also a few sub-categories which further had sub-themes. For example, the waste management category had ‘A stitch in time saves nine’ as a sub-theme, and ‘Smart solutions’ was a sub-theme in the digital category.

The highlight of the event was, without doubt, the models made by the students. These models covered a plethora of subjects and areas of interest. Entering the labs, we noticed that some models were static, some were dynamic, and some were being constructed live. The live models mostly involved fruits being carved such that a portrait evolves from them.

Image: A portrait carved on a watermelon

In the mathematics section of the exhibition, a pair of girls from class 6 devised a solution to a common problem- that of forgetting phone numbers. Thristu and Niharika had built a calculator-operated model which aided in finding out one’s phone number, using a few simple calculations.

Heading towards the chemistry lab, there were, of course, models which displayed different chemical reactions. But what caught our attention was a model using which essential oils could be extracted. This effort by Purnima and Brinda of class 10 makes the production of essential oils way cheaper than what they currently tend to be.

Image: Purnima and Brinda’s essential oil extracting set-up

Other science-based exhibits included some amazing models inspired by the Jurassic Park series. Next to it was the digital section, with models based on new technologies. One of the models was based on optical illusion, while in another, the kids tried to replicate a horror-based video game into a real-life game.

Image: Depiction of optical illusion by the students

Image: Jurassic Park-inspired models created by the students

Concentrating on the main theme of the exhibition, groups of students also came up with different sustainable models. An example of this, is a car which runs with the help of Bluetooth; instead of using Wi-Fi, one can use Li-Fi and control the car via hand gestures. What’s more commendable is that most of the models were made from scratch and using recyclable products, aiming towards a bright and ‘Swachh’ India. Other than these, the exhibition also entertained the visitors with dance performances and plays by students across classes. The street play caught our attention the most.

Image: A dance performance by students at Vidyaniketan Public School, Ullal

Quite evidently, with the development of technology and society, children of this generation are immensely keen on learning, exploring new things and staying ahead of their game. A nation that has energetic, curious and hard-working youth such as these, definitely has the ability to change the future, when given the right opportunities. This opportunity provided by Vidyaniketan Public School was a huge step in that direction. Kudos to the entire team!


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