• 7 Movies That Beautifully Depict Mental Health Issues

By Knowledge Tribe

There was a time when only a handful of films dared to talk about mental health. In fact, there was a time when only a handful of us as audiences, would talk about this ‘taboo’ topic. Gladly, both these situations have changed with the times.

Today, we have a plethora of films that feature mental health issues, ranging from Azheimer’s to anxiety to depression, as part of their primary plot. But, there are a few movies that stand out, sheerly because of the elegance with which they approached the issues at hand. Join us as we look at seven such films that you should definitely add to your movie bucket list.

  • Google Turns 20: 20 Lesser-Known Facts About The Tech Giant

By Knowledge Tribe

What began as a Stanford research project has today become a global phenomenon. From students searching for answers to questions, to internet commentators using it as a means to prove/disprove arguments, Google has grown to being more than just a search engine. From computers to mobile phones, from internet browsers to operating systems, from helping you search to helping advertisers let you know about their products, Google today has become a part of our everyday lives. With so much information now available at our fingertips, Google has given us a way to harness the vast powers of technology and the world wide web and use them effectively.

As we celebrate 20 years of the global giant, here are 20 amazing facts about Google! (yes, I did google this information!)

  • 5 Most Mysterious Disappearances of All Time

By Knowledge Tribe

Headlines about sudden deaths disturb us all, especially if it concerns an eminent person. Yes I know that’s unfair, but that’s how it is. And if it’s one thing that plagues our minds more than obituaries, it is disappearances. Here’s the deal: in the case of deaths, there is closure. We know that something happened to a person, and that they did not survive it. Even in cases where the cause of death is a mystery (oh, that’s another listicle all together), oddly enough, we tend to feel vaguely calm because we at least know for sure that the person is no more. Our poor brain can rest in peace.

Disappearances, on the other hand...mess with our head! So many questions. Unanswered questions. What? How? Why? And most importantly: DEAD OR ALIVE? *inhales deeply* *exhales*

Nevertheless, honestly speaking, disappearances are intriguing as hell. They may give us sleepless nights but reading about the endless probabilities and conjuring up conspiracy theories of our own is extremely satisfying. So, if you are one such person, then my friend, you have struck gold. Read on to find out about 5 of the most mysterious disappearances of all time.

  • 5 Things You Should Know About Cryptocurrency

By Knowledge Tribe

In the year 2009, something called ‘Bitcoin’ was released. This is often considered the first cryptocurrency, i.e., a digital asset that can be used as money. Today, we all are aware of how this new ‘invention’ has taken the world by storm. And if you haven’t been living under a rock, you will also be aware of the thousands of other cryptocurrencies that have emerged. Thanks to this, people have become millionaires and billionaires.

With all this, crypto is, without a doubt, a hot topic. And it seems like it will keep simmering for a while. But how much of your toes have you dipped into these warm waters? No, we’re not influencing you to invest in bitcoin! But you definitely want to be a part of all those “intelligent” conversations revolving around cryptocurrency, don’t you? Well, Knowledge Tribe is here to the rescue! Here are 5 must-know facts about cryptocurrency for you. Read on…

  • 5 Lesser-known Facts About Everyday Things

By Knowledge Tribe

Have you noticed those little raised bumps on the letter keys ‘F’ and ‘J’ on laptop keyboards? What purpose do they serve?

That extra little pocket just above the big one, on the front side of your jeans. Ever wondered what that is for?

Those tiny holes on airplane windows. Why are they there?

These are just a few puzzling things that we see around us every day. And while we might wonder about the reasons behind them, we often don’t really seek out the answers.

So join us, as we bust a few myths, give you some knowledge and blow your minds with 5 facts about everyday things, that you most definitely don’t know…yet.

  • 5 Movies You Didn’t Know Were Based on Books

By Knowledge Tribe

2017-18 seems to have been a joyous season for movie buffs all over the world. With films like Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, Raazi, Newton and many more blockbusters hitting the theatres, movie-goers have been in for a treat. And with these, it seems like directors and producers have also cracked the formula for movies that drive the crowds to the halls.

Alongside these gems, are also a few paragons that took birth as works of literature and managed to weave the same kind of magic on the big screens as well. Yes, we’re talking about movies inspired by books. Now, before you roll your eyes at the ‘done and dusted a million times’ subject, we’d like to inform you that you’re in for a surprise. So let’s look at 5 movies that you had no idea were inspired by books. Read on…

  • 5 Impressive Facts about the Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium, Jakarta

By Knowledge Tribe

Everyone knows about stadiums like Lord’s in England, Eden Gardens in India, the Maracana in Brazil, Madison Square Garden in the USA and the colossal Rungrado 1st of May Stadium in North Korea. But while we rave on about these popular venues, we cannot forget about the equally majestic stadiums that sadly, aren’t that well-known. One such arena is the spectacular Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium situated in Jakarta, Indonesia. Thanks to the 2018 Asian Games, this venue has enjoyed some limelight, but there’s still a whole lot of things that you might not know about it. So grab a seat and gear up, as we give you an insight into this stunning arena. Don’t worry; no tickets required. This one’s on us.

  • 5 Things You Need to Know About the Asian Games 2018

By Knowledge Tribe

2018. Another one of those years when the calendar is filled with the big sporting tournaments. So far we have had the FIFA World Cup, the Women’s Hockey World Cup, Wimbledon, the French Open and now the world is set for another spectacle— the 18th edition of the Asian Games. This time too, there are some interesting additions to the Games.

Before we take a look at all that, let’s learn a little about the origin of the Asian Games, shall we?

  • 5 Films that Changed the Face of Filmmaking

By Knowledge Tribe

Movies have been an integral part of our society since their inception. They’re an important medium of expression and there’s a wide variety of them available for our consumption. There are the good ones, the not-so-good ones and the err…ahem, badly made ones. But then there are some movies that are in a league of their own altogether. Such films leave a lasting impact and create history. It could be because of their spectacular storytelling or because of the advanced technology used in them, but these movies somehow end up reinventing the cinema experience as we know it, at that point in time. So Knowledge Tribe, let’s look at five such films that changed the face of filmmaking.

  • 5 Lesser-known Powers and Responsibilities of the President of India

By Knowledge Tribe

How many of us remember the long list of functions and responsibilities of the President of India, from our Political Science textbooks? Hardly a few, I’m sure. Out of sight, out of mind. Of course, I am not talking about those of you who pursued Political Science in college.

The President of India might be known as the ‘nominal head’, but they are in an incredibly powerful position. The President has a wide array of responsibilities, dealing with a range of domains such as the legislature, the executive, the judiciary, the military and finance. From being the Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces, to being in-charge of maintaining the nation’s sovereignty and security, to…did I just lose you there? Fret not. Let me break it down for you in the upcoming slides. Click away!

  • The Story Behind 6 Iconic Band Names

By Knowledge Tribe

What’s in a name?

It’s just a bunch of letters grouped together to sound pleasant to the ear. Right?

Not quite.

So why are names important? What is their significance?

Names are more than a convenient system that makes our lives easier. They define things; they define us. Some people are judged by their names, while some are known by their names. And once a name is attached to a person, it tends to stick with them in some measure, for the rest of their life. And this is why when parents name a child, there is (usually) some significance behind it. And that makes for an interesting story.

The same is true for band names as well. Today, if we look at names of major bands such as Linkin Park, Nickelback or Queens of the Stone Age, they all have a story to tell. Some of them are fun, some are fascinating, and some are downright weird.

Let’s examine how some of the iconic bands in the world got their names.

  • 5 Amazing Facts About North Korea You Didn’t Know

By Knowledge Tribe

The North Korean regime has recently come under the world’s radar with Kim Jong-Un and Trump’s famous public exchanges. All eyes have turned to the Korean Peninsula and suddenly, everyone wants to know everything about North Korea and the Kim family. And despite the bad reputation, it might surprise you that North Korea is home to some amazing marvels and world records that you wouldn’t believe. So here are 5 amazing facts about this country, that you had no idea about.

  • 5 Goal Celebrations You Won’t Forget Anytime Soon

By Knowledge Tribe

Football is synonymous with great team performances, interspersed with great individual moments leading to the goal. We also remember some of the amazing celebrations after the goal. Mario Balotelli’s ‘Why always me?’ shirt message, Andres Iniesta’s touching message to his recently departed friend, Daniel Jarque after scoring the winning goal during the 2010 World Cup Finals against the Netherlands, Paul Pogba’s dab after his goals, or Lomana LuaLua and his five flips are all just as memorable as the goals themselves.

  • 5 Weird Gadgets No One Asked For

By Knowledge Tribe

Who doesn’t love gadgets? Be it the ones which are a staple in our lives, like the humble mobile phone, or the ultra-luxurious ones, like the 24K gold-plated watch, we want all of them. Different gadgets play different roles in our lives. Some ease our mundane chores, some provide entertainment, some help us stay in touch, and some just give us bragging rights. With technology advancing every minute, and people wanting new innovations every day, companies are desperately wracking their brains to come up with ‘the next big thing’. Sometimes it works; sometimes it fails miserably. For every smartphone or smartwatch, there are the items on this list.

  • 5 Icky Things About Space Travel No One Tells You!

By Knowledge Tribe

At some point in our childhood (and for some of us, through to our adulthood), we’ve all wanted to be astronauts. Travel to space, wear the spacesuit, and discover moons, planets and galaxies and what not. Space travel, since its advent, has been glamourised and looked up to as a very cool profession.

And let’s accept it, getting into a space shuttle and zooming off on a space mission is very cool. Or is it?

So for your inner astronaut, here are 5 icky facts about space travel that they don’t tell you in the movies or the books.

  • 9 Unexplained Phenomena Humanity Still Doesn’t Have an Answer for!

By Knowledge Tribe

We like understanding things. We like giving a nice, neat little explanation that will simultaneously solve all the mysteries and answer any questions that may crop up. However, every now and then, a mystery creeps up which we just don’t have an answer to. Like with a bunch of irritating toddlers, the ‘Whys’ just keep on coming and we just don’t know how to explain these doubts and questions and just get them to BE QUIET!!!! (sigh)...with that in mind, here are 9 unexplained phenomena that humanity still doesn’t have an answer to.

  • 5 mysteriously haunting places around the world

By Knowledge Tribe

We all have that one friend in our group who think they are the mystery solvers. I have one of those and I know you do too! They have a fascination towards mysteries; what happened here? What are the possible causes? Are there any other explanations? Why is it still unsolved?

Well, there are many mysteries in this world that could hold their attention and yours too. Mysteries like the Iron Pillar in New Delhi, or Stonehenge or Spontaneous Human Combustion still remain unsolved. But wait…there’s more. There are many places in this world that house mysteries so spooky that draw us in like a moth to the flame.

Without further ado, here are 5 hauntingly mysterious places around the world. Hit the next button…if you dare!

  • 5 Lesser-known Dinosaur Films You Should Watch

By Knowledge Tribe

Most of us have enjoyed a fair share of dinosaur flicks since our childhood. And of course, we have our favourites. Many of us may loyally stand by Steven Spielberg’s iconic Jurassic Park films, while some of us believe that the recent Jurassic World movies ruled the genre. A lot of us cried with the adorable Arlo in The Good Dinosaur, while a lot more of us have secretly watched Barney’s Great Adventure. Yes, it’s time we admitted to liking that purple dinosaur.

But you’d be surprised that there are several dinosaur flicks out there, which you probably have never heard of. So here you go— 5 dinosaur films that you may not have seen, that will bring out the Ross Geller in you.

  • 5 Tendencies that are Sabotaging the ‘Boomerang’ Generation

By Knowledge Tribe

The ‘Me Me Me’ Generation. The Internet Generation. Generation Y. The Boomerang Generation. Etcetera etcetera…

No, by ‘boomerang generation’, we aren’t referring to the Instagram feature (though that’s pretty awesome, of course!), but to the generation that’s returning back to live with its parents again. And if you’re wondering about the other weird terms above, they too are names more often than not, awarded to millennials.

So, what’s up with this generation exactly? (Nudge nudge!) If you were to ask their elders, they’d give you a loooong list of things wrong with the youth of today (Yes, I see you rolling your eyes!). A lot of those claims can be refuted, but you know what they say, where there’s smoke, there has to be a fire. There are some things the millennials really seem to be doing wrong.

So, let’s look at 5 such millennial tendencies which are ruining their reputations and their lives.

  • 5 Lesser-known Architectural Marvels

By Knowledge Tribe

Have you heard of the Burj Khalifa? Okay, sorry.

The Great Wall of China? Sorry again.

Oh, oh! How about the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

Yeah, thought so.

Now how about the Great Wall of India? No?

The Singing Ringing Tree? *Hears crickets chirping*

Allow me.

You see, every now and then, we discover structures that are famous landmarks of a city, but are absolutely unknown to the world outside. It is indeed puzzling that word about them doesn’t travel around. Well, let’s leave this mystery for another day. For now, let me take you through 5 such lesser-known architectural marvels that you should know about.

  • 5 Electric Facts About Nikola Tesla

By Knowledge Tribe

We live in such a time that when someone says ‘Tesla’, we immediately think of Tesla Inc., the multinational corporation co-founded by Elon Musk.

Nothing wrong with that.

But what is sad is that it takes many of us a while to recall the mastermind after whom Tesla Inc. was named— Nikola Tesla, the inventor and futurist. Today, when we say that electricity is one of the best things that happened to the world, we have this man to thank. Plus, with over 300 patents across 26 countries, this genius physicist deserves some limelight, don’t you think?

Here are 5 facts about the man that you did not know-

  • 5 Bizarre Football Contract Clauses That You Won’t Believe

By Knowledge Tribe

Ever looked at a footballer and thought to yourself, ‘He is totally living THE life.’? You aren’t completely wrong.

Ever looked at a footballer and thought, ‘He seems perfect. There’s nothing weird about him.’? Well…there…you aren’t completely right. There’s a huge chance that there would be something whacky about him. And more often than not, it would be a clause in the contract with his football club.

Let’s check out 5 such bizarre clauses in contracts signed by our favourite footballers.

  • 7 Quirky Social Media Platforms You Didn’t Know About

By Knowledge Tribe

Imagine a day without Facebook. Is it possible for you to survive for 24 hours without logging into it?

How about a day without uploading stories on Instagram? - NO!

I can’t do without sending snaps to my friends on Snapchat! How about you?

How our world revolves around these social media! Well, if you are a social media addict like I am, then you may identify with some of these quirky and lesser-known online platforms. Read on…

  • 6 Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories that are Out of this World

By Knowledge Tribe

July 20, 1969. The day when Neil Armstrong, aboard Apollo 11, made history by planting his foot on the moon. Apollo 11 aside, NASA also successfully launched several other spacecrafts to the moon between the late 1960s and 1972, as part of the Apollo program. Wait. Can we be absolutely sure about all this? Thanks to the numerous conspiracy theories that have emerged about these missions, we now can’t help but be a little doubtful ourselves. Let’s dive deeper into 6 of the most talked about conspiracy theories that claimed the ‘giant leaps for mankind’ to be nothing but a hoax.

  • 5 Taboos Around the World That You Never Imagined

By Knowledge Tribe

Let’s take off with some gyaan: The word ‘taboo’ was coined in the 18th century, by James Cook, a British explorer. On his visit to a home in Tonga, Captain Cook asked the hosts (and cooks) of his meal, to park themselves beside him and dig in to the scrumptiousness. You’re thinking right: they politely refused, saying it was ‘tabu’. Cook was later enlightened that the term meant ‘forbidden’, and thus, the word ‘taboo’ entered the English language.

  • 5 Facts Everyone Should Know About Sunil Chhetri: The Man of the Moment

By Knowledge Tribe

In recent news, football seems to be dominating the sports section internationally as well as domestically, what with Real Madrid’s splendid hat-trick win of the UEFA Champions League, the transfer rumours doing the rounds and a heart-wrenching video. Yes, that’s not a printing mistake. A heartfelt video that went viral for all the right reasons. If you are living under a rock, you would be unaware of Sunil Chhetri, the Indian National Football Team’s captain, making a plea to Indian fans to support their team and his video doing the rounds of the internet and getting the publicity it rightly deserves.

  • 5 Lesser Known Facts about Football

By Knowledge Tribe

Soccer, Association Football or Football, whatever you may know the beloved ballgame as, there is no doubt about the fact that this game rules people’s hearts. Even the statistics prove it! Gooners, Madridistas, Cules, Kopites. No, those aren’t scientific names of pre-historic creatures. They’re the nicknames given to the fans of Arsenal, Real Madrid, F.C. Barcelona and Liverpool respectively, some of the biggest football clubs there are. Yes, they have a separate nomenclature for themselves! That’s how loyal and dedicated football fans are.

  • 5 Innovations from the World of Football

By Knowledge Tribe

Often touted as the most watched, most popular and most played sport in the world, ‘The People’s Game’ makes billions of hearts throb for its kicks and its goals. Football is a game of passions, known for being the cause of violent fights among friends and unexpected affection amongst adversaries. It has managed to move beyond being just a sport and has become a worldwide phenomenon. As the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia approaches, the cult followers of this religion are readying themselves to let their lives spin around the axis named football.

  • New ‘Void’ found in The Great Pyramid of Giza

By Knowledge Tribe

Pyramids have been a great mystery to the modern world, since man has laid his eyes on them. They are centuries old and almost impossible to comprehend, be it their architecture or the history behind their purpose. The Great Pyramid of Giza, or the Pyramid of Khufu, was built an astounding 4500 years ago and is still a mystery. Scientists have been working on it for ages to discover hidden routes and chambers in the 50-floor structure that is around 456 feet tall! Talk about giant constructions and mega structures…phew!

  • The Ring of Fire

By Knowledge Tribe

It has been said that about 90% of all earthquakes occur along this place, which is also home to 75% of all active and dormant volcanoes on Earth. Interestingly, all but 3 of the world’s largest eruptions in the last 11,700 years have occurred here.The Ring of Fire, as opposed to its literal meaning, is a 40,000 km long, horse-shoe shaped, seismically active area in the Pacific Basin, which is highly prone to earthquakes and volcanoes. Such is the strength of the ‘fire’ power in its area, that the entire basin earned its name purely on merit.

  • A Network of Professionals: the Reid Hoffman Story

By Knowledge Tribe

Reid Hoffman is an American entrepreneur, venture capitalist and author. He is most famous as the co-founder of the professional networking website, LinkedIn. Hoffman received (better to say ‘earned’) a bachelor’s degree from Stanford University and a masters degree from Oxford University. While pursuing the masters programme, Hoffman realised he wanted to do something that would positively change the world, instead of becoming a professor, which was his initial interest.

  • Teachers Need Break Time Too!

By theteacher.in

Teachers spend their day with numerous students every day and follow very demanding schedules. Since, children are susceptible to infections as their immunity is still developing, teachers are prone to these infections as well. Depending on the work, muscle pull, sprain, back injuries, blood pressure and strain are commonly seen as complaints from teachers. They are also prone to stress and occupational burn out. Stress regulated due to long work hours, number of students to handle, number of classes and paperwork, tends to affect the entire body.

  • Why Do I Find the Time to Teach?

By Ramesh Jude Thomas

Five years ago, I set up a trust in Kolkata for the retired teachers of the St. Xavier’s Collegiate School. I spent 15 years in that institution, from the age of 6 to 21. After 150 years, the building blocks of any institution like this must be its teachers. If I have any claim to leadership today, there is no greater debt I owe than to these noble souls. And here’s the reason: good teachers pass on useful knowledge, great teachers build character. And the outstanding ones create leaders.